Maybe it’s because my parents were both painters that I find blank walls quite disturbing and bothersome. It makes me feel like I’m at the dentist or something equally unpleasant!

So it’s my mission to help walls become beautiful whenever I can.

I’m not a Banksy, going round in secret with my paints, but I definitely think large pictures are a great asset when there’s a big empty wall crying out for help.

A client recently bought one of my favourite new images of a mixed herd of horses kicking up dust in a pasture in the South of France. They are mares, both from the Camargue and Adalusians.

Camargue mares are incredibly special and are not ridden as they are so vital to the maintenance of the breed.

Because of the dust, the light around the herd has a glowing appearance which is very interesting artistically.

Here’s a picture of the image

..and here it is below in situ, framed and gracing the space that needed filling.

The client says it has caused much interest and several compliments from his visitors. I’m thrilled to see it there and know that it has found such a good and welcoming home.

If you have an empty space or a wall that needs a ‘change of outwear’ please go and have a look at the shop here where you can find Limited Editions like this one and even larger Large Limited Editions which can truly bring a sense of majesty to a wall.

So, why not treat yourself or a friend to a new print and bring some beauty to your empty walls. It might just bring some happiness to you too.