I wonder if I have recently told you about this amazing horse rescue place in Southern California. I think it’s time for another mention as the work they do is so remarkable.

Return to Freedom provides Sanctuary for Wild Mustangs, not just individuals but herds too. They educate public opinion and do conservation work to maintain the rarer breeds as well as being strongly connected political advocates for wild horses.

Some of my absolute favourites are the Choctaw herd. They have such a variety of colouring and look so right in the magnificent, honey-coloured landscape around them

The story of the Choctaw nation is heartbreaking.

I quote the information on the website “the Choctaw tribes from the deep south and Mississippi were forcibly removed from their homeland in 1831”

Now do go and read more at www.Returntofreedom.org, but make sure you have your hankies to hand, it’s really sad.

Wild Mustang at Return to Freedom

Check out the website at www.returntofreedom.org.

I was lucky enough to spend a week at RTF, as I call it, a couple of years back and I am still finding lovely images I haven’t yet developed. Here’s one that you might like. I love the energy of this wild Mustang, and the wild flowers at his feet. He looks so robust and healthy doesn’t he!

http:// www.returntofreedom.org

Here’s another of a similar almost roan colouring. They are friends and can roam freely over a large area as you can see. However they also like to romp together and in groups – sometimes even pausing for a quick breath!

This little group has fun playing amongst the wild flowers in a very large pasture where they are safe and thriving, away from the pressures of the round up.

RTF is an admirable organisation. I long to go back there and have tried a number of times to fit in a visit.

My diary for 2019 looks busy already but who knows, Return to Freedom horses are calling me back.

If you feel like making a donation go to the website and you’ll see the orange button at the top right. Just click and give and you’ll know you’ve done a really good thing.