I wish I understood the particular pleasure that comes from seeing a furry Icelandic foal. They have such character, and the look of them can be almost prehistoric, yet at other times they look up to date, modern and mature. The reality is that survival in the barren fields of Iceland in winter is tough stuff. They have to be resilient and get along with the rest of the herd so as to survive at all.

Temperatures of well below freezing seem to be the norm, few blades of grass sticking through the snow, mean a lot of scratching about to get food. The third image with the driving snow encapsulates the environment they have to cope with.

Of course a photographer might have some food, so is almost mobbed, and the deliciousness of camera bag zips cannot be over-estimated! Yellow bag tags from the airline also seem to be a favourite delicacy!

I love the different colours of the gorgeous babies. Some also look great in black and white, but there’s at least one where I think too much is lost by changing to black and white. What do you think?