Bonfire night is always freezing cold in my memory

Do you love the fireworks?

My abiding memory of bonfire night when I was small was of toffee apples and an amazing firework display. The weather was crisp and dry, the bonfire was enormous and roaring up to the sky, the guy was suitably lifelike, but not too much, and there were happy people all around. Amazing and delicious food that only happened on that particular evening. What a great way to spend a winter’s evening.

So although nostalgia ain’t what it used to be…..

Remember, remember those nights in November when sparklers went into our pockets – now we’ve safety and health, and whatever our wealth it’s not easy to buy any rockets – so we’re not at the side of the bonfire, all warm, but inside, in the dry, and away from the storm – and we look for the show that our neighbours put on – if we’re quick we can see one before it’s all gone. Now I’m wiser and old, I’m not out in the cold where it’s wet and it’s dark and there’s barely a spark, and no apples with toffee (I’d rather have coffee), no sausage and chips burn our tongues and our lips but the upside is clear, it’s quite quiet in here, I’m at home with a book by the fire, when I yawn and then stretch there’s no car to go fetch and the traffic jams won’t be so dire, I can wander upstairs, when it suits, with no cares, and the Gunpowder plot just won’t matter a lot, and whatever takes place there’s a sure saving grace which causes surprise but no sorrow, in spite of the show and the smoke and the glow it will all be a memory tomorrow.

Have a great evening!