So what’s this all about – Blue Monday?

I think it has been given this name as a result of being midwinter, gloomy and short days, and coinciding with the time when the bills for Christmas come in, and the credit cards are due to be paid.

I know that for many people every Monday used to be a ‘blue day’ – when after a lovely relaxed weekend you had to gear up for the week ahead and go to work or school. And maybe there are lots of days which seem rather blue for people suffering in many ways in the restricted environment of lockdown, with additional worries about family whether distant or near, school work having to be ‘managed’, along with working from home where possible and other pressures.

But what else does Blue mean now? Blue is said to be the most well-liked colour and the second most powerful colour. It’s said to be the colour of growth, maturity, health, and money. – that must be true – I read it on the web!

For me its my favourite colour and one I favour in my portfolio of prints as well as my scarves. However I don’t want you to ‘feel blue’ on Blue Monday or any other day. So the picture below from France, might help with developing calm feelings…

Two way markers

As I have mentioned before I’m never quite sure what day it is, and I have to ‘ask my phone’ to check!

And my diary is, to coin a phrase – ‘as empty as a politician’s promise’ – even if it also lies sometimes (like a politician might, just maybe, just sometimes, just saying…..?!) – telling me I have a haircut booked or a pilates class. Oh those were the days – huh!

Yesterday was Monday according to my phone, (I’m writing this on Tuesday) and we did a superb walk, the weather was much better than it has been, dry and although it was cold it wasn’t bitter like the previous days. We walked 19KM from home (as always – no car involved) and up onto the North Downs way which stretches from Winchester to Canterbury I’m told. We found the most lovely peaceful paths to walk in, most were deserted, and not as muddy as they have been. (definitely fewer hippopotami in evidence)

Stopping briefly by a fallen tree we saw this strange appearance, which looks as though the tree has ‘grown a crop of shellfish’ as it decays. They are in fact fungi, which seem to be both varied and very profuse this year. Do you feel it’s slightly yucky?

Shellfish Fungi

But for me the prize picture from the walk was this incredibly burnished, decaying tree which has gorgeous swirls, knots and swooshes in the bark. Isn’t it gorgeous!

So as the days get perceptibly longer extended by a few minutes each day, let’s look to the future and hope that now we have the vaccines they can be widely administered with no more excuses from Government. I think 2021 won’t be back to normal by any means, but we must continue to hang in there and make what we can of this very different world.

I therefore wish you the best possible 2021 whatever that might look like

Warmest and most optimistic wishes,

Kate AKA “Rosie The Riveter”